Friday, 7 December 2012


academia will quite likely be the very end of me.

reading through the criteria for assessed essays literally makes me feel sick. as much as i love the thrill, partaking in higher education also means that one is on the verge of a nervous breakdown 24/7. obviously when one's work is deemed worthwhile and rewarded a first class mark the subsequent rush of adrenalin makes it all worth it. maybe. i mean it is the very best high i have ever experienced but the months of sleepless nights beforehand can quite reasonably be compared to torture. TORTURE. it makes me wonder why i'm putting myself through it, why i'm adamant in regards to do a MSc. what's thrilling me is killing me. my personal tutor told me that having one essay being marked 2.1 wouldn't be the end of the world, but i am not quite sure. i think it probably would be. oh dearest dearest dear. you're only as good as your last essay. you're always judged by your most recent work.

dear essay. BE AMAZING.

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